What’s Your Focus

Jack of All Trades, Master of NoneOver my years as a business owner, I have seen quite a few extremely odd business models that promote multiple services that were completely unrelated.

A few examples:

A dry cleaner that also offers graphic design service.

A florist that also offers tap dancing lessons.

A physical therapist that provides manicure and pedicure services.

A restaurant that offers American, Chinese, and Mexican food.

When I see combinations such as this, it makes me wonder if they are actually an expert on any of those services they offer. These combinations of unrelated services take your focus away from where your company should focus its attention.

What is Your focus?

Hopefully you do have a focus for your business. This would be what you do best. This focus is the centerpiece of your business. This is your flagship. All other aspects of your business should be built around this great offering. All other company services should be generally related to this service.

For example:

If your company offers pressure washing services, it is not unreasonable to offer concrete repair to fill and seal cracks in driveways.

If you own a laundromat, a related service may be to offer alterations for clothing.

The worst thing you can do is be a jack of all trades, because you know how that old adage ends…master of none! Pick your focus and be the best at it. Let your customers know your business focus. Be known as the go to company for this particular service.

Consistently find ways to improve your service with additional value. Don’t cut your prices, but find ways to add more value for your customers. Give customers and prospects a reason to buy from you over your competitors. As you begin to dominate your focused service, you can cross-sell other services to your customers.

Adding New and Related Services

When you do add new services, make sure you have someone from your company that is competent and great at doing this service. If you are not an “expert” at this service you want to add, don’t add it yet. Find someone who is and then offer the service. The worst thing you can do is add a service and create negative experiences for your customers.

My business, Perfect Imprints, offers a variety of marketing services such as promotional products, web design, and graphic design. For each area we offer, we have various employees who are extremely good at these services. My personal expertise is not graphic design and that’s why I hire talented graphic designers. I am not personally an expert in web design, but I hire employees who are. I have been learning everything I can about promotional items for the past 15 years, so I am well versed on the most effective and creative use of these amazing marketing pieces.

In order for your business to really compete in the world, you have to be strategic with what you offer. If you are offering a hodgepodge of unrelated services, remove some of those that aren’t making money and focus your attention and marketing on those that are. Hone in on your skills and offer the best of what you have to offer. Always add value. Keep learning. By following these simple principles, your business will be competitive, even with the larger companies.

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