What Does Being Number 1 Really Mean?

Top Promotional Products DistributorThe other day, I was scrolling through a few Twitter profiles looking for interesting people to follow. I'm one of those who only likes to follow people with something interesting or beneficial to say. I'm not a follower just to get a follow back, nor do I necessarily follow back just because I'm being following.

Anyway, as I peeked at a few profiles of other promotional products distributors, I found more than a dozen companies boasting they are the #1 promotional products company in North America. Wow! We have at least 12 companies that are #1. Not one of these dozen or so companies are on the Top 50 Distributors list in 2014 put together by Promo Marketing Magazine.

So it made me think, "What does being # 1 really mean?"

Here are a few questions to ask yourself

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