Business Lessons From My Basset Hound

Balancing work and family life is tough. Spending too much time on work causes me to neglect my family. If I devote too much extra time to my family, my business can suffer. How do I balance? Well, I asked my Basset Hound, Remmie. She has all of the answers.

Get Plenty of Rest like this Basset HoundGet Plenty of Rest

Remmie sleeps about 22 1/2 hours per day. She is NEVER sleep-deprived, which may be why her mood is always so pleasant! The National Sleep Foundation recommends anywhere from 7 to 9 hours per night for adults.

Check out this graph for more detailed info about recommended sleep times. Some people can get away with less and some need more. You KNOW whether you are sleeping enough or not. The right amount of sleep for you will result a more productive work day. Continue reading

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