My Former Life as a Paramedic

Written by Patrick Black, CEO and President of Perfect Imprints.

EMS - Paramedic - Promotional items for National EMS Week

I often get asked how I got into the promotional products industry. So due to many requests, below is my story.

My first career certainly wasn't CEO of Perfect Imprints. Once upon a time, in a former life, I was a paramedic and worked in Mississippi. I loved working in EMS. I lived and breathed EMS. I was extremely passionate about my job. I loved nearly everything about the job, especially the adrenaline rush of providing emergency medical care and aid to those in need. I loved the critical decisions that had to be made within seconds, with no time to waste. Decisiveness was a mandatory trait as a paramedic, which has proved to be a huge help with my current career in marketing and promotional products. Continue reading

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