Break Away From The Regular

Regular is Boring - Don't be ReuglarRegular is comfortable. Regular is the same thing we have done for years. It is often the same (or very similar) thing those who did our job before us did.

Regular is buying koozies or pens for every single promotional products purchase. Regular is continuing to spend marketing money on that newspaper ad that hasn't brought in a dime of sales. Regular is not sharing your expertise through writing on your blog, because you have never written a blog before.

Regular is Boring

Forget regular. Regular doesn't get you noticed. Regular doesn't make you memorable. Instead, be irregular. Instead of koozies, give out promotional cutting boards or martini glasses. Give something that is completely different than your competitors give away. If you need help, talk to your promotional products expert.

Show Your Expertise

Start that blog you have thought about writing for years, before your head explodes with the wealth of knowledge you have learned from doing your job. Show your customers that you know what you are the go-to person for the items you sell. Establish your expertise, one post at a time. Your business will flourish as a result of it.

It's Time to Re-Evaluate Your Marketing

If you can't track how much revenue your marketing is creating, it is time to evaluate its effectiveness. If you spend a lot on print ads, you must know whether it is working or not. The same holds true for digital advertising. If you are spending hundreds or thousands per month on Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ads, retargeting, or online directories, are they generating sales?

All of your marketing campaigns should be measurable. Each one should have a specific objective that is measurable. Your goal of a PPC ad is likely to generate an online purchase or generate a new lead. Your goal of a newspaper ad may be to generate a phone call from retired couples. Your goal of giving away a promotional item to clients is to generate a smile and to increase loyalty to your company.

Another goal may be to get noticed from the direct mailing of a promotional item to a prospect to get noticed so you have a better chance of booking an appointment. It's time to be creative and strategic with your marketing.

Evolution is Necessary

Either your company marketing has to evolve or you go extinct. No longer can you successfully market to the masses and expect good results. Consumers are overloaded with media more than ever. Aside from the dinosaur advertising that has been around for years, such as radio ads, television ads, newspaper ads, there are ads on social media, websites, direct mail, telemarketers, and even ads plastered on the bathroom walls in front of the urinal.

You have to break through this clutter and directly reach your intended targets. You have to reach your prospects in their preferred form of media. That may be email or it may be through Twitter or Instagram. It may be a strategic mailing to highly targeted list. It likely means that you have to break out of your comfort zone and try out something new!

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