Who Cares About “American Owned and Operated”?

American Owned and OperatedSo about half a block from the worldwide corporate office of Perfect Imprints, is a convenience store. A few of our promotional products consultants and graphic designers occasionally visit the store when we need a caffeine pick-me-up or a sugar rush. (Side note: Perfect Imprints only has one location; I’m just stroking my ego a bit and making myself feel important with the “worldwide corporate office” part).

This particular convenience store has changed ownership 3 times over the past year. The first 2 owners just couldn’t keep a steady stream of customers to buy their gas or overpriced snacks and drinks.

Then the 3rd owner in the past 12 months came along. He did one simple and low-cost thing that has resulted in a flood of patrons. This brilliant marketing move only cost about $100, but what a difference it made!

By hanging an inexpensive vinyl banner citing that the store was “AMERICAN OWNED & OPERATED”, the new owner has transformed this previously stale business into a money-maker!

Now, every day that I pass this convenience store while driving to and from work, there is a steady stream of customers gassing their cars and shopping for snacks. Now, it is important to mention that the previous 2 owners who failed to make a go of this business venture were also American citizens, so the only thing that changed is the marketing approach. They marketed to those who want to support “American-owned” businesses.

So for your business, what is your hook? Is it Made in the USA? Or maybe it’s something else. Whatever it is, be proud about it and let people know and don’t underestimate the power of properly placed signage!

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