It’s All About the Packaging

As my wife and I were doing our weekly grocery shopping yesterday, we walked through the cereal isle and something caught my eye which caused me to stop abruptly in my tracks!

And this is strange because I'm not a big fan of most cereals because of the high sugar content and abundance of empty calories. On the rare occasions that I do eat cereal, I'm ravenously hungry about an hour later, and that's when eating the "healthier" cereals. The higher sugar cereals only keep me satisfied for about half an hour.

So what caught my eye? It was this new Kellogg's cereal.

Custom Packaging with Foil Print

Now, the picture doesn't really do it justice, because the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory logo is a beautiful foil print that glistens in the light and instantly catches your eye.

The logo really pops on the dark brown colored box and the foil imprint emits a "higher grade" type of cereal when it is essentially very similar to dozens of other cereals on the market.

I was intrigued, so I picked up the box and started inspecting the ingredients. Although the ingredients and nutrient content didn't necessarily meet the criteria that I look for in a cereal, I was very impressed with the presentation. I expect that this option will sell very well to those desiring a "premium" cereal.

Lately at Perfect Imprints, we have really been suggesting and designing foil imprints to our clients who want an upscale look. This process is great for business cards, rack cards, brochures, and postcards.

For more information about our full color foil printing options, call one of our design experts today to find out how we can custom design incredible marketing collateral for your business! Isn't it about time that you stepped up your image?

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