Airport Luggage Dilemma – Is That My Luggage?

Promotional Luggage IdentifierThat moment at the airport when you are watching the suitcases revolve around the luggage carousel! That moment that you suddenly realize that you can't remember exactly what your suitcase looks like! Ugh.

You know it's blue and it has a zipper pocket on the front, but is it a Samsonite, American Tourister, U.S. Traveler, Kenneth Cole, or some other off-brand? Suddenly all of the bags start looking like the same.

Has this ever happened to you? Have you ever reached to grab "your bag" only to find out that it's not actually your bag? No worries; it happens to everyone, unless you have a....

Luggage Identifier

Luggage IdentifiersThese colored luggage identifiers not only allow you to easily spot your luggage on the carousel, but they also give you a softer grip AND they market for your company! Since your logo is printed on the grips, hundreds of people are exposed to the logo!

Your clients that travel will love these items!

Alternative Use

You can use these grips to hold multiple plastic grocery bags at one time. No more cutting off your blood circulation to your fingers from carrying heavy groceries!

These simple little promos make great giveaways that can save your customers that panicky moment in the airport when they can't identify their bag.

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