If you find your work days to be non-productive, maybe this is the problem…

Smiley Face FruitWhen marketing your business, productivity and creativity is crucial for successful marketing and promotions. Often times it is difficult to stay in a productive mode. So how do you improve creativity and productivity?

Sometimes distractions and crises occur that kill your productivity but they are necessary to deal with; however, it's those "other" times that I want to focus upon. It's those times that you could be productive, but instead your fatigue takes over causing you to think like the status quo.

Does your day begin like this?

You wake up (after hitting snooze 3 times) and stumble to your kitchen to brew some gogo juice (coffee). You shower, get dressed, and race to the office sliding in right in the nick time

or maybe this is you...

You wake up (after hitting snooze 4 times), stumble to the kitchen to get your coffee, and eat a bowl of sugary cereal or doughnuts or a bagel. You shower, get dressed, and arrive at work a minute or two later than expected.

Chances are, if you fit into either of the routines above, you are likely tired or feeling sluggish throughout the day. In either case above, a paradigm shift must occur if you want to be more productive. Now, while I am not a nutritionist, these recommendations are known facts and recommended by most nutritional experts.

Improve Your Diet and Improve Your Productivity

  • Don't skip breakfast. Eat fruit, eggs, or a healthy smoothie.
  • Strive to eat a total of 5 servings per day of fruits and vegetables.
  • Replace your "junk food snacks" with fruits, vegetables, or nuts.
  • Cut down (or eliminate) soda intake and drink water instead.
  • Reduce the amount of boxed or pre-packaged foods and incorporate more whole foods into your meals.
  • Reduce the amount of fast food that you eat. Bring your lunch to work instead so you can pack healthier foods.

Don't expect instant gratification. Know that if your body is used to high sugar and empty calorie foods, it will likely take a few days (or a week) before you begin to feel better. After your body is cleansed of the productivity-killing foods (and drinks), you will likely find that your productivity, creativity and overall outlook on life is much better! Additionally, a better diet is just part of the process. Other considerations include more exercise, better sleep habits, inspirational reading, and more fun! Your next great idea may just be an apple or a banana away!

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