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Exercise Promotional ItemsWe are at the beginning of a new year and, of course, a New Years resolution that is at the top of many lists is to get in shape through more exercise. This is and has been one of the top resolutions for decades, so it stands to reason that piggybacking on this goal for so many Americans is a great avenue to promote your business.

There are many exercise promotional items on the market that are great to get an item with your logo in front of your customers and potential customers. However, your goal should not be just to get in front of them, but to stay in front of them. To keep your logo in front of your customers, you have to give out promos that are useful to them. Therefore, if your business is a fitness center, gym, nutrition store, sporting goods store, yoga studios, athletic shoe store, weight loss clinic, or any other type of business or organization that has a client base of those desiring to live healthy, you have a golden opportunity to give away exercise-related promotional products.

Below you will find some of the top exercise-related giveaways to promote your business and promote healthy living for your customers.

Top Exercise Promotional Giveaways

Promotional Exercise Resistance BandsExercise Resistance Bands - These have become very popular due to the low impact and the many different exercises that can be performed with these bands. You can choose from several different resistance strengths from light resistance all the way up to extra heavy resistance. Because these bands are long, there is a large imprint area to print your logo and promote your company.

Custom Yoga MatsYoga Mats - Let's face it...if you try yoga without a mat, you won't have a zen experience. That's why a yoga mat is mandatory for the best possible yoga experience. Yoga enthusiasts rarely miss their yoga session so giving out custom printed yoga mats are a great way to remind those customers about your business on a daily basis. Because these more premium items and higher priced, they are great to give out with a new gym or yoga studio memberships.

Personalized PedometersPedometers - Any kind of activity is better than lying around on the couch or sitting in front of the computer. Promotional pedometers can be printed with your logo and given out to customers and employees to promote more activity. These are great for exercise beginners to promote a goal of reaching a minimum number of steps or minimum distance each day. Many larger companies promote daily exercise goals for their employees to promote better health and these are great giveaways for that purpose.

Fitness ShakersFitness Shakers - A large part of being healthy is a proper diet. Protein shakes for building muscle and losing weight are very common for exercise enthusiasts. These fitness shaker bottles are great giveaways for gyms, fitness centers, and nutrition supply stores. They can be used on a daily basis to mix protein shakes and smoothies. Some of them have built-in strainers to help break up the powder and mix the shake more thoroughly. If you sell protein shakes, these are great to give away along with a sample of your product to promote sales.

Custom Printed Jump RopesJump Ropes - These are old-school exercise items that are still popular for those wanting some serious cardio. When shopping for promotional jump ropes to give out to adults, you will want to stick with the heavier handles and longer jump ropes. Many of the low cost promo jump ropes are very lightweight with shorter ropes and meant for kids.

Start your companies' New Year sales out right by promoting with the right products for your customers. These exercise promotional products are excellent choices to give out during the beginning of a new year and keep your company at the top of their minds.

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