National Popcorn Day

National Popcorn Day Promotional Items and ideas - January 19Whenever a holiday has the word, “National,” as part of the title, there is typically some kind of legislation passed officially declaring it as a U.S. recognized holiday or observance. However, that isn’t true for National Popcorn Day. There is no legislation. There are no huge non-profit organizations promoting this day. This has just become a day on the calendar observed each year for those who love popcorn.

When you get down to the statistics, Americans eat an incredible amount of popcorn each year. In fact, estimates are as high as 16 billion quarts each year, just for the U.S. That averages about 51 quarts of popcorn for every U.S. citizen. Wow!

Popcorn is everywhere. It is commonly found at movie theaters, carnivals, fairs, and even in your living room (while watching movies). This is one of the most popular snacks in the country and that’s why it makes sense to celebrate National Popcorn Day on January 19th. For businesses, it makes even more sense to take advantage of National Popcorn Day and use it to promote your business. Below are just a few ideas of how you can use this established “unofficial” observance to promote your business and engage your customers.

National Popcorn Day Ideas

  • Give away custom printed popcorn promotional items. Items such as pre-packaged popcorn in boxes, tins, or gift baskets printed with your logo.
  • Rent a popcorn popper and give out freshly popped popcorn to all of your customers for the day. You can get paper popcorn bags or cardboard popcorn boxes printed with your logo to really make a lasting impression.
  • Host popcorn-related games and contests at your store for your customers and award gift certificates or other gifts for the winners. Here are few ideas:
    • Popcorn distance toss.
    • Popcorn catching challenge. How many pieces of popcorn can your partner toss into your mouth or how many pieces can you throw above your head and catch in your mouth.
    • Popcorn eating contest.
    • Guess how many popcorn kernels are in a jar.
    • Popcorn Drop – See how many pieces of popcorn the person can drop from a certain height and make it in a defined space on the ground. You can use tape to create a shape on the ground or use a cup.
  • Set up interactive stations for kids to make popcorn necklaces or shapes with popcorn and toothpicks.
  • If your store sells popcorn, promote a big sale on all popcorn supplies.
  • Appliance stores can put their microwaves on sale on National Popcorn Day.

Be sure and promote your sales and events for National Popcorn Day on your social media channels, your website, and by handing out flyers to customers prior to this day. This is a great day to use to promote fun at your business as well as boost your sales! See all of the popcorn promotional items here.

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