Buying Guide for Custom Shot Glasses

Custom Shot Glasses - Personalized with Your LogoIf your company hosts parties and events that involve alcohol, custom shot glasses can be great giveaways for your attendees. Not only will these branded items strengthen your branding with those in attendance, but they will continue to market for your company. Most people who receive shot glasses will keep them for many years and be reminded of your company each time they use them.

So maybe you are not a connoisseur of taking shots and you don't know the difference between various types of shot glasses and all of the options. That's okay, because below you will find a simple breakdown of all of the styles of shot glasses as well as the various materials and sizes available. Just because they are called shot glasses, don't assume they are made of glass. There are many types of materials such as acrylic, plastic, ceramic, glass, and even stainless steel. Continue reading

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