Types of Personalized Corkscrews

Wine has become one of the most popular drinks with adults over the past several decades. The wine industry in the U.S. has grown tremendously due to the increased demand of wines. There are more than 8,000 wineries now in the U.S and that number is growing each year. Wine is now not just a drink for women. It has become a popular and socially acceptable drink for men as well. Therefore, why not use the popularity of this drink and use it to promote your business in an effective way? By giving out personalized corkscrews with your company logo, you are ensuring that your clients and potential clients are seeing your logo every time they open a bottle of wine. These branded corkscrews will be kept for years or even decades after you give them out and continue to market for your business. Below you find the most common types of corkscrews to help you make the decision of what type of corkscrews to buy for your giveaways.

Cheap Personalized Screwpull CorkscrewsScrewpull Corkscrews

Screwpull corkscrews are also referred to as twist pull or T-Bar corkscrews. They are a simple corkscrew that often has 2 pieces that fit together like a T and you simply twist the metal screw into the cork and pull the cork out. After using it, you just slide the metal screw back into the sheath (which doubles as the handle for twisting). These are most often low-priced, plastic handle options; however, some screwpulls can come in a really nice wine gift set or they can be made with higher quality materials such as aluminum. These make great promotional giveaways, but we don't recommend giving these away as thank you or Christmas gifts to your clients. We recommend higher quality items so you will portray your appreciation for the business your clients bring you.

Custom Waiter's CorkscrewsWaiter's Corkscrews

These type of corkscrews are a necessity for waiters working in restaurants, lounges, and bars that serve wine. These conveniently-sized corkscrews fold into an easy to pocket item that is about the size of a typical pocket knife. Waiter's corkscrews typically have a folding metal corkscrew, bottle opener, and a knife blade. This is the most common type of corkscrew because of the price point and size. They work with the same type of mechanism as the screwpull in which you just twist the screw into the cork and pull. When shopping for waiter's corkscrews, there are many varieties to choose from such as plastic, wood, or metal handles. You can also commonly find these in wine gift sets.

Personalized Winged CorkscrewsWinged Corkscrews

Sometimes these are also called double lever, twin lever, or butterfly corkscrews. These are also a very common style. For this type, you simply twist the screw into the cork and as you do the levers raise. Then, you just pull down on the levers to pop the cork out. They are easy and quick to use. These are almost always made of metal. Some of these options can be laser engraved, while others are printed. Alternatively, you can even get these with a full color printed dome on the top to make your company logo really stand out! Winged corkscrews are always well-received and considered a premium gift.

Promotional Electric CorkscrewsElectric Corkscrews

Unless you are opening a bottle of wine every few minutes, an electric corkscrew is more of an novelty type of item. While they can be really efficient at removing corks, it does take a while to get used to using it. This one of those types of purchases that many people buy and then use it for a few months before setting it aside in lieu of removing corks by hand with a waiter's corkscrew or winged corkscrew. Electric corkscrews can be either AC powered or batter operated.

Two-Pronged Wine Cork PullsTwo Pronged Cork Pulls

These are also known as the Ah-So corkscrew and they are great for sensitive corks, such as higher quality wines that actually use real cork and for older bottles of wine. These types are reserved for true wine connoisseurs. You definitely have to practice your technique to become efficient in using two-pronged corks pulls. The way these work is to begin sliding the longer prong between the cork and the bottle, then once the first side is started, you work the second prong on the opposite side between the cork and bottle. Once both prongs are in, you work the prongs all the way down, then twist the cork out. These are great because they don't drop fragments of the cork into the wine like corkscrews. These are among the least common types of wine cork removers used by the average wine drinker.

Now that you know the different types of corkscrews, you can make the right decision about which option is best for your business giveaways. It may even be necessary for you to buy two different types of corkscrews - one premium item for your top clients who spend a lot of money with you and one lower priced option for those clients who only spend a smaller amount with your company. Overall, you have to calculate how much your clients are worth to you and decide on an appropriately priced giveaway for them. The quality of your giveaways can directly affect the image perceived by your clients. A cheap giveaway will lend a negative perception, while a great quality and useful item can create a position impression. Branded corkscrews are excellent company giveaways that can make your company look great and continue to market your business for years to come.

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