Custom Shot Glasses for New Year’s Eve

Custom Shot GlassesMost likely if you are having a party on New Year's Eve you have already planned it and planned for the alcohol that you will offer. With parties such as New Year's Eve, people celebrate for various reasons. Sometimes it is to say good riddance to the past year and some celebrate the success of the past year. Either way, the new year brings hope of an even better year. In celebrating for either reason, various types of shots are often taken. Your alcohol of choice may be Jagermeister, Tequila, Whiskey, or something else, but a shot glass is used to take these shots.

For your party, why not have custom shot glasses that are printed with your logo? You can choose from various sizes as well as different styles and material. Below is a quick guide to finding the exact size, material, and style of your shot glasses. Continue reading

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