Mardi Gras Promotional Items

Mardi Gras Promotional Items, Giveaways and ThrowsThe end of the year is chock full of major holidays for which you have to be prepared if you want your business to be successful. Because of all the effort it takes to plan for and just make it through the holidays in one piece, it is easy to overlook holidays at the beginning of the year. One such day that will creep up on you quickly is Mardi Gras. The Christmas season takes up the entire month of December and then New Year Day arrives. After that, Mardi Gras festivities are less than a month away, which is not sufficient time to plan thoroughly.

Although Fat Tuesday 2015 is on February 17, parades and other Mardi Gras related activities start as early as January 31.

Some of the popular traditions and rich history of Mardi Gras include parades, king cakes, masquerade balls, and plenty of other parties. Although New Orleans and Mobile are the most notable Mardi Gras celebrating cities, there are many others. Read more about Mardi Gras history and traditions here.

Check out some of the ideas for throws for your parades or Mardi Gras giveaways for your business.

Future Mardi Gras Dates

  • 2015 – February 17
  • 2016 – February 9
  • 2017 – February 28
  • 2018 – February 13
  • 2019 – March 5
  • 2020 – February 25
  • 2021 – February 16
  • 2022 – March 1
  • 2023 – February 21
  • 2024 – February 13
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