Eco-Friendly Custom Christmas Ornaments

We live in a world full of large-scale manufacturing, gas-guzzling vehicles and machinery, electricity-based gadgets, and an ever-growing population. All of this adds up to the production of major pollutants that contaminate the Earth. There are billions of pounds of waste from product packaging and other garbage that fills landfills each year. With the expanding population and the increasing amount of waste and pollution, it is important that individuals and businesses do their part to help reduce waste and encourage recycling when possible.

One of the most popular corporate giveaways during the Christmas season is custom Christmas ornaments and for those companies interested in supporting recycled products, our line of seeded paper Christmas ornaments are a great option. These unique ornaments are made of an eco-friendly paper with attached seeds and your custom logo is printed on the vellum paper that is on top of the seeded paper. After the Christmas season is over, the ornaments that once decorated the Christmas tree can be planted in soil and grow into beautiful wild flowers or herbs. Check out some of these great shapes available.

Seeded Paper Christmas Ornaments - StockingChristmas Stocking

These are shaped like traditional Christmas stockings. These for good for any business wanting to stick with a classic icon of Christmas. One of the legends about the origin of hanging stockings for Christmas was from a story about a poor man who was worried about what would come of his daughters after he died. One day Saint Nicholas was passing through his village and wanted to help the poor man, however, he knew the man would not accept charity. So, during the night he threw three bags of gold through an open window. One of the bags of gold, by chance, landed inside of a stocking, and the Christmas stocking was born. Other versions of the story also exist; however, no evidence of the legend actually exists.


Star shaped seeded paper ornaments are great for those businesses and organizations that want to promote the Christian origin of Christmas, such as the star of Bethlehem. The Bible story tells that the star of Bethlehem, also known as the Christmas star, revealed the news about the birth of Jesus to the Magi and led the wise men to Bethlehem. Because of this Biblical story, many Americans top their tree with a star since the significance of a star is very important to Christians. These are great ornaments for churches, religious organizations, and businesses who aren't afraid to promote Christianity and want to promote an Earth-friendly product at the same time.

Christmas tree shaped seeded paper Christmas ornamentsChristmas Tree

The modern Christmas tree is a classic tradition of Christmas. Even though the celebration of Christmas is of Christian origin, many of the current Christmas traditions aren't of Christian origin. However, the Christmas tree does have Christian roots. Back in the 15th and 16th century, devout Christians in Germany brought trees, such as a pine, spruce, or fir, into their home and they decorated them with edibles, such as apples, nuts, and other foods. The tradition spread from Germany to other parts of the country and world during the 19th century and was adapted to the modern day Christmas tree that is decorated with tinsel, garland, candy canes, and Christmas ornaments.

Dove Shaped Seeded Paper Custom Christmas OrnamentsDove

These ornaments are shaped like a pigeon, also known as a dove. The dove is yet another symbol of the Christian faith because in the Bible the Holy Spirit was pictured as a dove at the baptism of Jesus. Additional symbolism of doves include peace and love, since they are often depicted as messengers delivering news of peace and love. Other meanings associate a white dove with purity. If your company or organization wants to promote peace, love, or the Holy Spirit, maybe a dove shaped seeded paper ornament is a great fit for you.

Cancer Awareness Ribbon shaped seeded paper Christmas ornamentsAwareness Ribbon

Cancer awareness has become huge over the past few decades, mainly because of the increasing diagnoses of cancer in the U.S. All across the country, there are cancer walks, fundraisers, and other events to raise money for cancer awareness. Christmas ornaments don't have to be shaped as something that has an origin of Christmas. Modern day ornaments can be literally anything. Awareness ribbon shaped ornaments are great for anyone raising awareness for cancer.

This Christmas, choose ornaments to give away that are economical and eco-friendly. Choose an ornament that will grow into herbs or flowers that give back to the Earth. Check out all of the seeded paper Christmas ornaments we offer!

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