BamBams Thundersticks in a Rush

With the month of November, many school football teams find themselves doing much better than expected and right in the midst of the playoffs with a real shot for the championship. Once this unexpected success is realized, the panic sets in for the booster club to make sure they have enough spirit items at these additional and unplanned games to keep the fans cheering loudly for their team. Nothing excites fans more than the opportunity to show the other schools that their team is the best, so cheering at these playoff games is louder than ever. Stadium noisemakers such as thundersticks are great cheering items to have available. However, with the short time frame of knowing that your team is in playoff game and the newly scheduled game date, printed thundersticks are often a difficult item to get in time. Below are a few options for BamBams and thundersticks in a rush.

BLANK BAMBAMS (Same Day Shipping)

Blank BamBams - Fast Ship

If you are in an extreme rush (like you need them tomorrow), these are your best option. These BamBams thundersticks are blank solid colors and come in about a dozen popular school colors. If you order these early enough during the day, they can typically ship the same day ordered and be air shipped overnight for delivery the very next day. These noisemakers are meant for use for one-game. Once inflated, they can't be re-inflated for later use. These can also be printed, but a 3 week rush production is the fastest option. If you need them really fast, they have to be blank. The important thing in these game situations is that you have lots of noise in your stadium and sometimes that means sacrificing the custom print and opt for a blank item.

PRINTED THUNDERSTICKS (3 Day Rush Production Available)

Thundersticks printed in the USA

If you want thundersticks with your school logo or mascot, these are your best bet. With rush production, they can be printed in 3 business days and shipped by overnight shipping. These thundersticks are re-usable because they have a valve for air inflation or deflation. These noisemakers come in 8 different colors. If time doesn't permit for printed thundersticks, these can also be purchased BLANK and ship the next business day (or the same day as ordered, if the order is placed early enough in the day).

Make sure your playoff games are loud to support your team. These cheering items are great to not only encourage the fans to cheer more, but also to help raise more money for your booster club.

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