Custom Beach Balls for the Winter

Custom Beach BallsAs the winter approaches, the beach going season wains causing great disappointment to beach bums along all of the U.S. coastlines. The winter season brings in cooler air temperatures making many of our beach areas deserted. People miss the beach and beach-related events during the winter time which makes a beach themed event great during the winter season. Create a beach-like atmosphere and promote your event with beach promotional items such as custom beach balls.

Beach balls can be used in many ways for marketing and promotion. Read on for just a few ideas about using beach balls to promote your company.

Custom Beach Ball Ideas

  • Save the Date - Use customized beach balls as a save the date piece. Print your upcoming wedding, birthday party, or event date, time, and place.
  • Invitation - Use the beach balls for an invitation only party. Require them to bring the beach ball to get into the party.
  • Trade Show Giveaways - Give these out to visitors to your booth at a tradeshow. Make sure the rest of your booth is decorated in a beach theme for consistency.
  • Beach Themed Party - Create Luau or beach theme for your event. You can get very creative with your activities, decoration, and giveaways. Beach balls, of course, are a must at a beach-themed party.
  • Centerpieces - You can use promotional beach balls as a centerpiece for your tables. Just use a low profile bowl as a base for the beach balls.
  • Decorations - Beach balls make great decorations. You can attach fishing line to the valve and hang from the ceiling, tables, or doorways.
  • Giveaways - If kids will be present, give them away to the children. What you will find is the adults playing the with beach balls more than the children.
  • Mailings - If you want to market a stay at your hotel, resort, or condo for the upcoming Spring or Summer season, mail a beach ball to past guests to get them thinking about a warm vacation.
  • Concerts - Crowds love hitting around oversized beach balls while waiting hours for the band to go on stage. The larger sizes for this purpose are better, such as 36" beach balls or the 48" beach balls.
  • Prank - Completely fill someone's room from wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling with inflated beach balls. This is great for celebratory events such as weddings, anniversaries, and job promotions.
  • Promote Awareness - Use custom printed beach balls to promote awareness campaigns such as breast cancer awareness or National Safety Month.
  • Appreciation Events - Show your appreciation of those in the workforce for annual appreciation weeks such as National EMS Week, National Police Week, National Nurses Week, Teacher Appreciation Week, and all others involved with public service.
  • Party Games - Use the beach balls for various games at your event, such as a beach ball toss through a ring, juggling contest and beach ball volleyball. Get creative and host fun games using your customized beach balls.

Beach balls are fun promotional giveaways that are often kept for years by the recipients, particularly by those who have small children. These simple promos also instantly connect that person and their mind to a beach environment. Choose from many different sizes of beach balls from mini 6" beach balls all the way up to the large 48" size.


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