Basketball Season Giveaways and Ideas

custom-basketballsCollege and high school basketball season is starting soon, so it’s time to plan your giveaways for the season, as well as products that you want to sell for fundraisers for your basketball team. Having a variety of basketball spirit items available for your fans is one of the best ways to get them involved and cheering for their team. Basketball is a very exciting sport and spirit items are a great way to channel that energy and help cheer on your team. Below are a few of the most popular spirit items for both giveaways and to sell in your booster club.

Basketball Giveaway Ideas

  1. Mini Basketballs – These vinyl sports balls are the best-selling spirit items during the basketball season. It is very common for teams to sell sponsorships to local businesses and have their logo printed on the vinyl mini basketballs. During the game, cheerleaders throw the ball into the crowd, often after big lead changes, during timeouts, or during halftime.
  2. Thundersticks – Basketball fans love to make noise and that’s why these noisemakers are so popular for basketball teams. These inexpensive, inflatable noisemakers are great fundraisers because of their low price point. These spirit items can also be printed with business sponsor information to offset the cost for your team and allow the sales of these items to generate 100% profit or more!
  3. Basketballs with Autograph Panels – Does your school have past players that have made a career with the NBA? If you can get them to come to a school game, you can hold an autograph signing session with that player and sell these basketballs for a signature from the professional basketball player. These autograph signings can generate a lot of money for your team for new equipment, uniforms, and to help offset travel expenses.
  4. Basketball Schedule Magnets – Custom magnets with your game schedule are great giveaways for your team to encourage increased attendance. The typical place these are used is on the refrigerator, which ensures that your fans will see the schedule every day. These are printed with your school name, mascot, and date/time of all of your games.
  5. Full Size Basketballs – These are excellent for selling for fundraising, as well as to give out to participants in basketball training camps. You can even go with a Wilson brand basketball. These promos will be used and enjoyed for years.
  6. Basketball Yard Signs – Let your fans and players show their support by proudly displaying a yard sign in front of their home or business. These signs are great for fundraising. Choose from several die-cut signs that can be printed with your team name and mascot.

If your business is looking for basketball giveaways, check out other ideas here. It is a great idea to use the excitement from Basketball season to promote your business by giving away basketball-related promotional items. Be sure you don’t miss out on this opportunity!

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