Throw Mini Footballs, Not Toilets

It's better to throw mini footballs than toilet bowlsAs we approach the 7th week of the college football season, the teams to beat have surfaced and proven they belong in the race. Many schools are already thinking about bowl games, conference championships, and even the College Football Playoff National Championship, which takes the place of the BCS at the end of this season.

Along side collegiate football, many high schools are already gearing up for their homecoming games and soon to be playing their championship games. There are many underdogs sitting in top ranked positions that fans initially thought had no chance of reaching those heights. Therefore, you may have to order more spirit items for your extra playoff or championship games.

We urge you to throw mini footballs into the crowd and NOT toilets, such as one crazy fan did after a soccer match in Brazil (Check out that story here).

Top 10 Reasons Why Mini Footballs Are Better to Throw into a Stadium Crowd Than a Toilet Bowl at Football Games

  • Mini footballs are softer.
  • Mini footballs come in other colors besides white, avocado, and ivory.
  • Toilets can't easily be thrown very far.
  • Mini footballs can be printed with your logo or promotional message.
  • They won't kill fans.
  • Mini footballs are much cheaper than toilets.
  • Mini footballs won't shatter.
  • Cheerleaders can actually lift mini footballs.
  • Mini footballs are typically more hygienic than toilets.
  • They smell much better toilets.

Top Selling Mini Footballs

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