Top 10 Things Only Floridians Understand About the Fall Season

Fall Season in FloridaOur climate here in Florida is definitely different than any other part of the country. The seasons here are just jacked up in comparison to everywhere else. Fall doesn't mean the same thing to we Floridians as it does to say, people from Maine. Below are a few things about our weather here in Florida that you may not know, unless you have experienced the uniqueness firsthand.

Top 10 Things About Fall That Only Floridians Know

  1. Flip flops and a nice orange scarf are acceptable accessories for Fall outfits.
  2. Hurricane season is not over until the fat lady sings. The end of Summer does not mean that you can put away your generator or your plywood.
  3. You must make sure your children's Halloween costumes will not cause heat exhaustion as they trick or treat.
  4. You can still burn your hands on your steering wheel in the months of September and October.
  5. The absolute best time to go to the beach is during the month of October.
  6. Flip flops with your favorite SEC football team are necessary attire for the season.
  7. You will likely wear shorts and a tank top for your after-Thanksgiving meal walk.
  8. If you put your jack-o-lantern out any more than two days before Halloween, you will end up with a moldy, soggy mess.
  9. Long sleeves are not to be worn until the New Year.
  10. If you choose not to go out on the one day of the year when the leaves change color, you will miss it entirely.
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