Have Some Balls This Christmas

Are they big? As in big, I mean jumbo. Maybe they are normal sized. Possibly they are flat, which is a newer variety over the past few years. They very likely could be fragile like glass! Whatever type you get, just make sure you have them. However, balls of steel or brass don't work well for this purpose.

Christmas Ornament Balls Classic Christmas Ball Ornaments

The types of balls I'm talking about, of course, are the classic and ever-traditional Christmas ball ornaments. They have been around for decades and most everyone garnish their trees with at least one or two. They come in several different sizes and materials, such as standard size or jumbo, and glass or shatterproof.

It's a great practice to give out gifts around the Christmas holidays to your clients and company Christmas ornaments are a great choice. By gifting, it subconsciously helps deepen the rapport between your company and that client. They will have a deeper feeling of loyalty toward your business the next time they need your services. When giving out custom Christmas ornaments, it is a good idea to change up the ornament colors and imprints each year. Below are a few ideas to vary from year to year so your recipients will create a worthy collection to display on their Christmas trees.

Ideas to Help Your Clients Create an Ornament Collection

  • Give away a new ornament color each year.
  • Print a different Bible verse or holiday saying on the ornaments each year.
  • Vary the type of ornament that you give each year.
  • Think about doing custom shaped Christmas ornaments to compliment your logo or product line.

Once you begin giving away these collectors items, they will become something that your clients expect each year, which is a great thing. That means they are keeping your company at the top of their mind! Below are a few of the top selling ornaments for Christmas.

USA-Made Christmas Ornament Balls Christmas Ornament Balls - Made in the USA
Sun Catcher Christmas Ornaments Acrylic Sun Catchers - Budget Friendly!
Flat, Round Shatterproof Christmas Ornament Flat Shatterproof Christmas Ornaments









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