Thundersticks vs BamBams vs ThunderStix – What’s the Difference?

We often are asked the question about the differences between the various stadium noise makers generally known as thunder sticks. Below we will explain the differences between each of them so you can decide for yourself, which are right for you.

The truth of the matter is that they are all extremely similar, but since we are frequently asked the question, here are the answers!


Fan-ta-sticks thundersticksThese are our personal favorites for thundersticks. We sell this brand the most, because they are domestically printed in the USA and they can be shipped in about 1 week with the option of a 2-day rush, if necessary. The product itself is made in China, but inventory is stocked in the U.S. and printed on demand to fulfill orders. The best feature about these thundersticks is that they are re-usable. They have a valve, just like beach balls and pool rafts have, so you can inflate and deflate, as necessary. You can use these over and over again at football games. If your company is buying these thundersticks to giveaway, these are great options, because the recipients will get more use out of them, thus giving your business more marketing exposure. These noisemakers are made of durable vinyl. The size of the thundersticks is 23" x 4". Minimums are as low as 50 pieces are available.


BamBams thundersticks noisemakersThe name BamBams is simply a brand name of the ever popular noisemakers. They are sized at 23.5" x 4 1/4". They are one-time use products. Once they are filled with air and sealed, you can not add more air. The material is 100% recycled polyethylene. They start out white and can be printed any PMS color you desire. They are produced overseas, so production time options include 9 Week Super Saver, 5 Week Economy, and 3 Week Priority, with the cost increasing as the production time gets shorter. BamBams brand does offer many other options that other brands don't offer such as LED, PomBams, Metallic, and full color printing options. Minimums as low as 100 pieces and are known to be the lowest priced thundersticks on the market. It just takes a little advance planning to get them in time.


Thunderstix brand noise makersThis is yet another brand name with similar features of BamBams and Fan-ta-Sticks, except, they are made in the USA. These noise makers are 24" x 4 1/4". Smaller quantities are screen printed while larger quantities of 2500 or more are printed with flexographic printing. Normal production time is only 2 weeks with abilities to do some crazy rush options when needed! The lower quantities that are screen printed have 14 standard imprint colors, while the larger flexographic printed ThunderStix can be matched to most PMS colors. These are also one-time use products, so once inflated, they will slowly start to lose air after a few hours of use, with no good way of adding more air. If you are interested in these USA made ThunderStix, give us a call for pricing.

Check out all of our great thundersticks here. If you need help choosing the best option for your school, please call one of our school spirit items experts!

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