Our Favorite Custom Christmas Ornaments

Custom Christmas Ornaments to Promote Your BusinessYes, it's just September and still blazing hot in many parts of the U.S.; however, it is important for businesses to plan ahead for the holiday months. The fourth quarter is a critical time for most businesses to get that final boost to have a profitable year.

So have you already thought about Christmas giveaways? We recommend custom Christmas ornaments and below are a few of our favorites as well as our top sellers!

Traditional Christmas Ball Ornaments

Custom Christmas Ball Ornaments that are Shatterproof

It's hard to go wrong with these traditional ball ornaments for your Christmas giveaways. These round ornaments have been a Christmas favorite for decades. These are shatterproof, so they will hang around for many years and they are Made in the USA! Many companies large and small give these away each year to their customers and employees. They often choose a different color and a different saying along with the year printed underneath their logo so their recipients can create a collection to display on their Christmas trees.

Sun Catchers

Sun Catcher Christmas Ornaments

Sun catchers have been around for years and they make great Christmas ornaments as well as nice window decorations all year. These budget-friendly sun catchers are made of light-weight acrylic; however, from a distance, they look much like an expensive crystal sun catcher. These are printed with your custom logo and low enough in price to give out in bulk to your customers during December. They also are great for fundraisers for churches, religious groups, and non-profit organizations. Included with each sun catcher is a foil hang cord as well as a suction cup to hang on a window.

Hand Blown Glass Christmas Ornaments

Hand Blown Glass Custom Christmas Ornaments

We absolutely LOVE these blown glass ornaments. They come in five great colors and they look like a high dollar ornament. Your customers that receive these will be really impressed. They are made of glass, which makes them breakable. Each ornament comes in a protective gift box that can be reused each year to store the ornament to protect it from breaking. Your logo can be printed on one or both sides of these ornaments. They make excellent collectors items from year to year. Just change up your imprint and color of the ornament and your customers will have an impressive collection after a few years.

Custom Shaped Pewter Christmas Ornaments

Custom Shaped Pewter Ornaments

When giving away promotional items, one major factor in being remembered by those who receive your gifts depends on the uniqueness of your giveaway. Therefore, if you give away something completely different and unique than your competitors, your company will be at the top of their mind. That's why we love these custom shaped pewter ornaments. For one thing, they are pewter and look great. But even more importantly, they are made according to your desired custom shape so no one else has the exact same ornament. Minimum order is only 125 pieces, but it is more cost effective to go with 500 or more due to the mold charge involved with the initial setup.

Seeded Paper Christmas Ornaments

Seeded Paper Christmas Ornaments - Stocking

If your company takes a special interest in being environmentally-friendly, these ornaments are for you. These seeded paper ornaments have seeds embedded in the vellum paper and they can be planted after Christmas to grow plants. The paper is completely biodegradable. These ornaments show your customers that you care about the environment and it gives them a unique, new type of Christmas ornament that they have likely never seen before! They come in 5 traditional Christmas shapes: Stocking, Christmas Tree, Dove, Ball Ornament, and Star/Snowflake, as well as a cancer awareness ribbon shapeMade in the USA!

The above are just a few of the many Christmas ornament options that can be customized with your company logo. There are many other great options to choose from on our Christmas ornament page. The important thing to do when giving away Christmas ornaments each year is to vary what you are giving so your customers will have a variety of ornaments with which to decorate their Christmas trees each year, thus keeping your company at their top of mind during the holiday season!

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