Promoting Your Bar Using Beer Buckets During the Slow Season

Custom Beer Buckets - Plastic or Galvanized or Promote Your BarNow that the summer season is winding down and tourist season is over, many bars see a big decline in patrons. Traveling slows down with school in session, which means less vacationers filling your bar and buying drinks. So, how do you attract new customers? It's time to switch gears and target your locals and here's a great way to do it.

Bars can attract locals with great music, fun events, and drink specials. Vacationers may not even blink an eye at paying $8-$10 for a drink while visiting your bar; however, locals won't do it. So, offering reasonably priced drink specials is certainly a great way to attract a bigger local crowd.

One very successful promotion for bars to offer is to sell buckets of beer and offer a better deal when 5 or 6 beers are bought at time. After that sale, you bring out the beer bucket that is iced with the beers inside. By offering this choice, you will attract more local patrons and increase your beer sales.

But you don't have to stop there. If your establishment sells wine, why not offer a bottle of wine iced in a bucket? By offering this additional service, you will also promote to the ladies who want to have wine rather than beer.

Popular Custom Beer Buckets

5 Quart Plastic Beer Buckets

5 Quart Plastic Beer BucketThese are the most cost-effective beer buckets and they are still strong and durable. They are easy to stack and hold 5 beers with ice. They come in 11 different colors. They can be printed with multiple colors.  Some bars print their logo on one side and through co-op money from a beer distributor, they print a beer logo or beer distributor logo on the opposite. By partnering with your beer distributor, you can often offset the cost of your beer buckets. Holds 176 ounces or approximately 5.5 quarts. They have only a 25 piece minimum, so they are affordable for even small bars. These bucket are made and printed in the USA!

10 Quart Plastic Beer Buckets

10 Quart Plastic Beer BucketsIf  you want a larger beer bucket, these are your choice. They are still priced to be budget-friendly, but they are double the size of our standard plastic beer bucket. These also have built in handles on the sides to carry the larger load. These buckets come in 9 great colors and are printed with your bar or nightclub logo on the side. They stack within each other, so multiple buckets can be easily stored in a relatively small area. These are great party buckets for beer distributors to give out to their customers. These are also great for corporate picnics, concert venues, and other outdoor venues. The minimum order is only 25 buckets. Made and printed in the USA!

5 Quart Galvanized Metal Beer Buckets

Galvanized Metal Beer BucketsThese silver colored galvanized metal beer buckets are what most people think of when they think of a bucket of beer at a bar. These buckets are durable, rust-proof, and they have a metal handle. Your logo is printed directly on the side of the buckets with a long-lasting screen printing method. These beer buckets hold 6 bottles of beer with ice. While the metal buckets are priced slightly higher than plastic buckets, they won't crack and they will last for many years. Buckets are printed in the USA, so they turn around time is very quick with your printed logo. Minimum order is only 25 buckets.

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