Personalized Corkscrew Ideas

Personalized Corkscrews Giveaway IdeasThe wine industry has always been a big business; however, over the last decade, the number wine drinkers and "connoisseurs" have exploded. Wine is found at practically every adult party, even some adult Sunday School parties! Personalized corkscrews are great giveaways for parties, weddings, business events, and general giveaways when adults are your target. Out of the millions of wine drinkers nationwide, women make up the majority on a regular basis. Therefore, if most of your customers are women, this simple fact lets you know that these items will make fabulous gifts for your customers. However, don't discount men, because plenty of them drink wine as well. Personalized corkscrews with your business logo are excellent giveaways for your clients that will be used for many years. Compliment the corkscrew with a nice bottle of wine and you can bet that client won't ever forget you! Learn below about some of the options for personalized corkscrews as well as some ideas to use them to promote your business.

Corkscrew Options

Plastic Corkscrews

Plastic Personalized Corkscrews These are best for low budgets when you want to give them out in mass. While these will most likely be used, they will quickly find their way to the back of the kitchen drawer if the recipients have a higher quality, metal corkscrew. Plastic corkscrews are personalized by either pad printing or screen printing your logo on the items. The handles are plastic, but the corkscrew is actually made of metal. They average about $1 each to a bit more for the higher quality, plastic options.

Metal Corkscrews

Metal Personalized Corkscrews These are much higher quality and have a much higher perceived value to anyone receiving them. The heavier feel and metal body of these corkscrews make these tools much more durable their plastic rivals. Because they are made of metal, they are a bit higher in price; however, the higher quality is well worth the difference in price. And what makes it even more worth footing the extra price is the fact that your clients will keep them longer and use them more often! The metal corkscrews can be printed, but typically they are engraved for a permanent decoration option.

Corkscrew Gift Sets

Personalized Corkscrew Gift Sets with Wine Stopper If you really want to give a premium item to your clients, a gift set with a corkscrew and wine stopper combo is a great choice. Typically these gift sets include the higher quality items along  with a nice gift box for the ultimate presentation. These higher dollar premiums are usually reserved for your top clients or as employee incentive gifts for meeting sales or other goals. Another option is to just get the personalized corkscrew in a gift box if you don't want to also get the wine stopper.

Ideas for Personalized Corkscrews

  • Have corkscrews personalized with your wedding date and give them out to your wedding guests.
  • Have your company logo printed or engraved on corkscrews and give them out to your customers when they make a purchase in your store over a certain dollar amount. This is great for liquor and wine stores to promote higher sale amounts in one transaction.
  • Give out corkscrews with your business logo on them along with a bottle of wine as door prizes to your business networking events that you regularly attend.
  • Choose a nice corkscrew with your logo and give them out as end of the year Christmas gifts to your top clients. If giving to your best clients, make sure you are giving out a nice quality corkscrew or gift set.
  • Offer a wine tasting at your liquor store and give a corkscrew with your logo to everyone who attends.
  • Give out personalized corkscrews at your next tradeshow to all those who visit your booth.
  • Gift them to your employees as Christmas gifts.
  • Print your wedding date on the corkscrews and send them out as a Save The Date.
  • Give them out to guests at your corporate or private party.
  • Have the corkscrews engraved with a retirement date to give away to attendees at a retirement ceremony.
  • Realtors can give a personalized corkscrew with contact info printed on it and a bottle wine as a closing gift after purchasing a house.
  • Attorneys can give them out along with a bottle of wine to clients after winning a case.
  • If you live in a touristy area, have the city name printed or engraved on the corkscrews and sell them in your retail store.
  • Sell them as fundraisers for your organization. Works well for arts foundations!

Personalized corkscrews are very useful and necessary for wine drinkers. If a large part of your clientele likely drink wine, you should seriously consider this type of promotional giveaway to promote your business. People love gifts and they remember your business in a more positive way when they receive gifts from you.

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