What is the Top Selling Football Spirit Item?

Every year millions of dollars are spent buying football spirit items to promote teams and schools. Items such as stadium seat cushions, pom poms, sports balls, stadium noisemakers, stadium cups, and much more are printed and bought with the school or team mascot and oftentimes business sponsor information. The majority of these are used for fundraisers for the team or various organizations within the school. Each year at the beginning of high school football, we get the same question, and that is:

What is the top selling football spirit item?

Vinyl Mini Footballs Vinyl mini footballs are softer than plastic footballs and are a great choice to throw into a crowd.

Mini footballs. Maybe not by dollar amount, but by quantity, they are the most frequently purchase item for the football season. It is unlikely that you have been to a football game in the last decade without seeing the miniature footballs flying around the stadium. They are commonly thrown into the crowd by cheerleaders during halftime or timeouts and sometimes after big scores.

It is very easy to get businesses around your town to sponsor a certain amount in exchange for having their logo printed on the footballs and thrown into the crowd. The cost of the sponsorship is set based upon the number of footballs you are offering the local businesses, plus typically a little bit extra to raise money for your organization.

Mini Football Options

Promotional Mini FootballsPlastic Mini Footballs - This is the least expensive option which is one of the pros of buying this type of miniature football. If budget is tight, these are the footballs for you. However, with selecting the lowest priced items, there are a few downsides such as a smaller imprint area than the choices below, smaller in overall size, and a harder material that can hurt if someone is hit in the face with these balls. These footballs are a blow molded plastic and the ends can be a bit hard, especially if your face gets in the way of a throw!

Vinyl Mini FootballsVinyl Mini Footballs - These are the fan favorites and a more popular option for most teams. These footballs are made of a very soft, vinyl material. If these are thrown into the stadium crowd, there is no fear of hurting anyone. They are air-filled and air can be added through the valve when necessary. They have a slightly larger imprint area than the plastic footballs. You can't go wrong with this choice! They come in many popular school colors and you can buy them with or without stripes.

Foam Mini FootballsFoam Mini Footballs - These are a Nerf-like foam with a higher price point than the plastic or vinyl balls. They are not the typical footballs that are thrown out by the cheerleaders; however, if your business decided to throw these out during a game, you can bet your company would be much more memorable. Because they have more weight than the other mini footballs, they are great to throw around with a friend.

Other footballs that can classified in the "mini" category include stress relievers and key chain sized footballs; however, those are not commonly thrown out into the stadium at football games. The options above are much more common for using for local business sponsorships.

For other school spirit items, be sure and contact us. We offer a wide array of products that are great for fundraising for your school or booster club! We are experts in helping booster clubs choose the right products for your budget.

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