Custom Clipboards to Promote Your Business

Custom Clipboards - Ideas to Promote Your BusinessWhen buying promotional items, it is extremely important to buy useful promos. You want your giveaways to be used frequently, possibly everyday, so that your marketing message is seen more. Custom clipboards are very useful and are a great fit for many different types of business.

Below are a few ideas and suggested uses for our wide selection of clipboards as well as the top selling custom clipboards!

Ideas for Custom Clipboards to Promote Your Business

  • Doctors Offices and Hospitals - This is kind of a no-brainer. There are always tons of forms to fill out when visiting the doctor, so clipboards are a must. It makes sense to brand your clipboards so your patients can learn more about what you can offer them. Maybe your patient knows they can come for a physical, but do they also know that you can offer other medical care and save them from visiting other medical offices? Also, doctor offices are a great place for medical-related businesses to donate 10-20 clipboards with information about your medical products, such as medical supplies, medical gas, and others medical services or products that go hand-in-hand with that particular doctor office, this is a great opportunity to reach those people. Plus the doctors offices love donated supplies because it saves them money.
  • Sports Teams - Coaches who are serious about coaching their team, often carry a clipboard since they are constantly writing notes about what they need to work on with their team as well as referencing documents regarding plays and training exercises. Ifyour business is sports-related, this is a great way to promote your sporting products to your local and regional sports teams. Just have the clipboards printed with your services that you want to promote. This is great for sporting goods stores, sports medicine clinics, personal trainers, and others businesses that target athletes.
  • Schools - There are many businesses that sell educational-related products and services. What a great way to get your business name inside the protected walls of your local schools. You can't just walk in schools now and promote your business. However, why not give out custom printed clipboards to the teachers of your local school for Teacher Appreciation Week in May? Teachers are always on the go around the classroom and around the school, so a nice clipboard can come in handy for them.
  • Utility Companies - Companies that supply utilities such as water, electric, and natural gas require you to fill out forms to establish new service. Most of these waiting rooms only have chairs, so without a clipboard, what do you use as a hard service to fill out these forms? Somebody's back? Clipboards are a must. Do you want to target every household in your area? If so, get your name in front of these people by supplying your local utility companies with clipboards for their customers. Rarely will any business turn down FREE items, unless you are a direct competitor of theirs.
  • EMS Crews - During and after 911 emergency calls and non-emergency transports, the paramedic in charge of patient care has to chart various vital signs, assessments, and treatments for their patients, so they have to have a clipboard for this. However, typically, EMS clipboards are not the standard types of plastic clipboards. They need the aluminum clipboards with the storage compartment to hold additional patient care forms. Since this is a standard within EMS, why not supply these to your local ambulance service. A great time to give these out would be during EMS Week in may!
  • Home Service Companies - There are many types of businesses that perform services at your home, such as pool and spa services, appliance repair, painters, contractors, handyman services, cleaning services, pest control, landscaping, yard services, and many more. All of these people need a clipboard to do their jobs. Find the ones that are a good fit and give that company clipboards for their personnel. This is a great way to form partnerships with other business.
  • Sales - There are many sales people going from door to door and business to business selling products and services. They, often, carry a clipboard to make their notes about their sales calls. This is a great opportunity to get your business name in front of these people, as well as the people they call on.
  • Festivals and Events - There are always local festivals going on and many of these are raising money for a non-profit organization such as the American Cancer Society or your local children's shelter. In order to make these festivals and events successful, there are many volunteers needed running around putting out fires. And what do all of these festival coordinators have in their hands? Clipboards.

The truth is, most businesses will not buy items such as custom clipboards with their own business logo on them, so why not provide these items for them. This is a win-win situation, because they get free supplies that are necessary for their day-to-day business operation and you get your name in front of new potential clients.

Be strategic in forming these partnerships and who you offer these free clipboards and it will help your business gain new client and strengthen your branding.

Top Selling Custom Clipboards

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