Happy Cupcake Day

Cupcake Day IdeasThe third Monday of each August is Cupcake day. This is a day to not only see how close you can get to a sugar-induced diabetic coma without actually rendering yourself unconscious, but also a day to help prevent cruelty to Animals. The idea for Cupcake Day originated in Australia by the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA), but there is absolutely no reason why we can't also have Cupcake Day in the United States!

After all, most of us love cupcakes and we love our animals! What a great day to raise money to help prevent animal abuse and promote your business at the same time. Below are just a few ideas of how to use the lesser know day of celebration to promote your business as well as a few cupcake-related promotional items.

Cupcake Day Promotional Ideas

  • Hold a bake sale to raise money for the cause and, of course, sell cupcakes!
  • Reward all of your customers that come to your shop on Cupcake Day with a delicious cupcake and ask for donations to go towards preventing animal abuse.
  • If you own a bakery, promote Cupcake Day ahead of time and hold a massive sale on cupcakes.
  • Grocery stores and retail stores can have their cupcake items such as mixes, cupcake pans, mixing bowls, mixers, chocolate chips, sugar, flour, icing, and other necessary cupcake-making items.
  • Check out some of these cupcake promotional items and give these out in advance to promote your Cupcake Day sale!

Cupcake Day is a huge potentially money-making time for bakeries if planned and promoted properly.

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