Funny Left-Handed Products

Over the years, there have been some terrible inventions specifically made for left-handed people. It is true that all products do not work the same when used left and right-handed. Many products just simply do NOT work when switched to the left hand.

Funny Left-Handed Products

In honor of Left Handers Day, we have put together some pictures of some products that we think are great for our left-handed friends.

Left-Handed Coffee Mugs

Left Handed Coffee Mugs If you notice, these left-handed coffee mugs have the handle on the left side of the mugs, as opposed to the right-handed coffee mugs which are manufactured with the handle on the right side. How are left-handed people supposed to comfortably carry a coffee mug with the handle on the right side?

Left-Handed Computer Mouse

Left Handed Computer Mouse There's nothing worse for a lefty, than having to use a right-handed mouse. That's why we included this "left-handed" computer mouse. This state of art design has the mouse on the left side of the keyboard so your dominant left hand can control the mouse easier.

Left-Handed Microwave

Left-Handed Micwave Are you tired of microwaves with a door that swings from the right to the left side? We have invented this concept of a microwave that opens from left to right to better accommodate our lefty friends. Also, the controls are on the left side!

Left-Handed Wooden Spoons

Left-Handed Wooden Spoons Lefties, don't you hate grabbing a wooden spoon while you are cooking, only to find that handle is facing to the right side? Well, this revolutionary new wooden spoon, offers a special handle that faces to the left side to make it easier for left handers to grab. Bye bye awkwardness!

Left-Handed Computer Keyboard

Left-Handed Keyboard for Computers Yes, it's true that most computer keyboards have the number keypad on the right side. But how does that benefit left-handers? It doesn't! That's why this cool keyboard functions with the keypad on the left side to accommodate those 10% with a dominate left hand.

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Left Handers Day is August 13

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