Left Handers Day is August 13

Left Handers Day - August 13 - Promotional Items, Facts, IdeasAugust 13 represents a day that is not right. It is a day that is actually left. It is Left Handers Day. This day began as an initiative in 1992 by the Left Handers Club out of the UK and has since spread to an International celebration. Since left-handed people experience a lot of frustration from living in a world dominated by right-handed products, this day is a push to encourage invention and manufacturing more lefty-specific products.

Check out some of these interesting facts about left-handers.

Want to know some famous left-handed people?

Ideas to Celebrate Left-Handers Day

  • Offer sale pricing on products in your store that are specifically made for lefties.
  • Host a left-handed day event in which right-handed participants are challenged to use their left hands to accomplish certain tasks. Award prizes for successful completion of the tasks.
  • Offer a discount on Left Handers Day for those who complete their checkout process using only their left hand.
  • Host trivia contests with left-handed facts and give out prizes to those who can answer a certain percentage correctly.
  • Encourage your customers to post left-handed specific products on your social media accounts and choose winners from those participants and award gift certificates to your store or other prizes.
  • Get creative and have fun with this day. Involve not only left-handed people, but use this day as a time to expose right-handed people to some of the challenges that left handers experience in a right-handed dominated world.
  • Host a left handed party and have a blow up boxing ring with an oversized left-handed boxing glove for matches.
  • Write left-handed for the entire day in honor of lefties.

Left Handers Day is just another day among many other observances that you can take and use to promote your business, products, and services. Be creative with your marketing and have fun with it. In the end, it will pay off and build your business stronger.

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