Personalized Trash Can Covers

Personalized Trash Can Covers

Personalized Trash Can CoversOur personalized garbage can covers are the hottest new products in the promotional products industry. The ugly truth is that all businesses have trash, but the trash cans don’t have to ugly. These full color custom printed trash can covers simply slide right over your existing garbage cans and help brand your trash. No longer are your trash cans an eyesore. Now you can put your trash to work for you by advertising for your business. With 360 degree printing, there are limits to the graphics you can advertise on your trash cans. These polyester trash can covers are cheap enough to change out with each season and even to advertise for upcoming events. Below are a few ideas on how to use the garbage bin covers for your business or organization.

Personalized Garbage Can Cover Ideas

  • Brand Your Trash – Simply print the can covers with your logos using your company colors to increase the curb appeal.
  • Product Branding – If you want to push a certain product or service, this is a great way to let people know about it.
  • Event Advertising – Advertise for a big upcoming sale, festival, or event.
  • Offer Specials – Display specials only advertised on your trash cans. Your customers have to mention the special in order to get it.
  • Product Launches – If your company is launching a new product or service, let people know by branding your trash can.
  • Humor – Use a little humor or wit and give your trash cans some personality. Print funny sayings on your garbage bins.
  • Seasonal Decorations – Have various prints of holiday patterns such as Halloween, Christmas, St. Patrick’s Day and others to add some decoration to your trash cans.

The possibilities are endless, but the main point is to make your garbage can promote your business rather than trash it up. These personalized trash can covers are cheap enough to change out often. They are made of 100% stretch polyester and come in 3 sizes to fit 33 gallon, 44 gallon, and 55 gallon standard, round cans. Best of all, they are Made in the USA!

33 Gal Trash Bin Covers Custom Printed

33 Gallon Trash Can Covers

Personalized 44 Gal Trash Can Covers

44 Gallon Trash Can Covers

55 Gal Personalized Garbage Can Covers

55 Gallon Trash Can Covers









For more information about custom garbage bin covers, feel free to contact Perfect Imprints at 1-800-773-9472.


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