National EMS Week 2013

Star of Life - EMS Week24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year they are on call. Yes, even on Christmas Day, Easter morning, Labor Day, and every other holiday. They wait on standby, just in case they receive a call from you, one of your family members, one of your friends, or anyone else in your community. They don't care about your job title. They don't care about your income status. They don't care about your ethnic background. They only care about your well being. They go weeks, months, or sometimes years without a simple "Thank You." They are out in the rain, snow, sleet, tornados, and even hurricanes. While others are taking cover during a storm, these dedicated professionals are gearing up to go out and serve. Their paychecks don't even begin to reflect the level of professionalism, dedication, and danger they face on a daily basis. While on duty, they rarely get to finish a complete meal or even get fully to sleep before duty calls. They work long shifts sacrificing their time with their family. With all of the dedication these individuals put forth, the average American rarely even thinks about them, that is, of course, until they are needed!

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