10 Ways To Use Custom Printed Mini Basketballs


Mini BasketballsMini basketballs are one of the most popular spirit items used for basketball.  Each mini basketball can have your logo, mascot, or team name printed on them.  They are fun, cheap, and have many uses.  Below are just 10 of the many ways to use mini basketballs.

  1. Generate Team Spirit – It is so important to keep your fans in good spirits to help your basketball team.  It is well known that athletes thrive from cheering pans.  It gets their adrenaline pumping allowing them to play and focus better.  These mini basketballs can be thrown by the cheerleaders to the crowd after a slam dunk or after a big play.  They are also great to throw during timeouts, between quarters, or during halftime to keep the fans engaged.  Just have your mascot and team name printed on the balls and the lucky fans who catch them will have a keepsake to take home.
  2. Pep Rallies – Fans love…
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