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Logo Umbrellas for Winter Giveaways

Logo Umbrellas

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In the United States and the entire northern hemisphere, the winter solstice, or more commonly known as the first day of winter, is on Friday, December 21, 2012.  With the winter season, also comes rain, sleet, and snow, which gives you a great opportunity to give out promotional products that are extremely useful to your customers and really win them over.

Whenever you give out promos, your main goal should be giving out products that your clientele can actually use. Therefore, your clients will use the product more and market your business by displaying your logo to those people they come in contact with on a daily basis. Imagine having your company logo displayed by hundreds of people while they walk down a busy street. That’s exactly what can happen if you give away logo umbrellas. Umbrellas with your custom logo printed on them have several marketing advantages as listed below:

  • Umbrellas have a high perceived value by the recipient. If you bought an umbrella from a retail store, you would pay upwards of $20 or more for a “good” umbrella. Therefore, receiving a FREE umbrella is very well received.
  • There is a large imprint area on umbrellas. This increases the visibility of your company for others to see and exposes your business to hundreds or even thousands of other people each time the umbrella is pulled out. Now multiply that visibility by the number of custom umbrellas that you give out!
  • Umbrellas will be kept for years and never thrown away until it worn out and unusable. These promos aren’t like a cheap pen that is used once or twice and then lost or thrown out.
  • It’s very handy to have an umbrella stashed in your car or for outdoor events when rain is a threat. Your clients will appreciate the gift and will be much more receptive to your company. Research has shown that recipients of useful promotional items are much more likely to do business with that company again. I relate it to Christmas. If friends or even acquaintances give you a gift, you feel much more obliged to reciprocate with a gift. With clients, their gift is to continue doing business with your company by shopping in your store or using your services.

Promotional Umbrella Sales (Valid through 12/31/12)

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