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Funeral Home Promotional Ideas

Religious Hand FansAfter just attending the funeral of my dear Grandmother, I saw first hand that the biggest duty of the funeral home staff is to comfort the family. The style and direction of that comfort largely depends on the overall faith and religious views of the family. If they are of a Christian religion, the funeral service is highly focused on Jesus and the comfort in knowing that the family will see their loved one again some day. These reminders of life after death can be given through means other than words though. They can be shown through promotional items promoting traditional religious beliefs. Here are just a few funeral home promotional ideas that funeral homes can give away to their clients that center their life around Christianity:

  1. Religious Hand Fans – Religious themed hand fans can be a subtle reminder that they will see their loved one again. Church hand fans with pictures of Jesus or other religious scenery or Bible verses can provide comfort to the family left behind. Also, the hand fans really come in handy at the graveside service during the hot months.
  2. Church Calendars – Calendars can be given away to family members and provide comfort all year through calming spiritual pictures and Bible verses.
  3. Religious Coloring Books  – Visitations and funerals can require family members to be at the funeral homes sometimes several hours before the official visitation time starts and the hours can be long for small children. Providing religious themed coloring books can be a great item to offer children as well as help them to learn more about Christianity.
  4. Custom Printed Tissue Boxes – With the death of a loved one, tears are a natural part of the process and much tissue is needed. Branding tissue boxes which are found all around the funeral home can be a great way to provided a necessary product while reinforcing your branding.

Now, there are many other religious themed promotional items, but these above are just a few examples that can be provided to the families which can provide comfort. The funeral home business can be a competitive business so properly marketing yourself is extremely important and one of the best ways to market yourself is to provide branded items that are both comforting and useful to your clients.

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