Booster Club Fundraising Using Mini Footballs

Mini footballs with custom logoEvery year over the past decade, when counties and states are balancing their budget and looking for cuts, it seems they like to go to the school system for the first round of budget cuts. Each school always first cuts their sports program budgets. Because of these stringent budget cuts over the past few years, many football programs are on a shoestring budget. That is why fundraising is vital for any booster club or football team.

A great way for school booster clubs to raise funds is by using mini footballs. Here is how simple it is to get sponsorship money:

  1. Decide which mini football you want to use. Choose from either the plastic mini football or the vinyl mini football.
  2. Work out the cost of the mini footballs. Make sure you factor in any setup charges and shipping charges and get a total price for a lot of 100, 250, and 500 footballs.
  3. Decide on how much you want to make off of each sponsorship. Don’t be greedy, but include enough profit from the sale so you can grow your booster club funds. For example, if 100 mini footballs cost $1.50 each, $0 setup (at Perfect Imprints), and $30.00 shipping, your total would be $180. You could sell this sponsorship for $250, which is not much money for most businesses. Then each business could get their business logo printed on the mini footballs.
  4. Assign each team player the task of getting at least one business sponsorship. If you have 60 players and each one sells just 1 sponsorship, that is a total profit of $4200. That amount of money can go a long way with most football teams.
  5. After you order the mini footballs, receive them, and your first football game arrives, you can have your team cheerleaders throw the footballs into the crowd after your team scores or makes a great play. Depending on the total amount of footballs ordered, you just designate the quantity of footballs to be thrown out at each game so no game is left without footballs.

Football fans love catching mini footballs as much as baseball fans love catching a home run ball or foul ball. The funds being raised are to benefit your team, so get the whole team involved to make the fundraiser bigger and easier. Working as a team will help ensure your next fundraiser to be more successful.

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