Personalized Beach Balls For Summer Promotions

Personalized Beach Balls

Personalized Beach BallsAs we near the end of July, and finish the first month of the 3rd quarter, it’s very important to keep sales strong. End of summer sales and promotions are popular and important to drive sales to your stores. By using various beach promos such as personalized beach balls, you can help boost your sales campaign. Give out the custom beach balls with each purchase made at your store or for each store credit card application filled out by your customers.

With personalized beach balls, there are several popular sizes to choose from. Here area  few of the most popular sizes:

  • 6″ Mini Beach Balls – About the size of a softball
  • 12″ Beach Balls – About the size of volleyball
  • 16″ Beach Balls – About the size of a basketball
  • 24″ Beach Balls – Nothing to compare to, but a good bit larger than a basketball

If you want larger, we have 36″ and 48″ balls as well a wide variety of colors, including multi-color and solid colors as well as clear. Even if you don’t live in a beach town, beach balls are great promotional giveaways. If you plan on doing a beach them sale or promo, be sure to check out our other beach promos.

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