Custom Printed Pilsner Glass

Gotta Love the Microbrew Beers

Custom Printed Pilsner GlassOften with my job, I find myself traveling frequently for educational seminars and other training sessions to further my marketing expertise. After all of the business is taken care of for the day, I like to visit a bar or pub to try out the local microbrews. As I have aged, I like to try more and more varieties and now consider it a kind of a hobby.

While visiting some of these microbrew establishments, I have noticed some have custom printed beer mugs, while others simply have plain beer mugs or pilsner glasses. Bars and microbreweries have a great opportunity for branding simply by using beer mugs printed with their logo. While those bars using non-branded mugs likely saved a little bit of money up front buying blank mugs, they are missing out on a golden opportunity to further the brand of their bar.

There are many options of beer mugs to choose from, including plastic beer mugs, acrylic beer mugs, and the I Ching of all beer mugs, glass. Glass mugs are a beer drinker’s choice because they can be frozen and help to chill the beer longer. Acrylic and plastic mugs can also be frozen; however, they don’t stay cold quite as long as glass mugs. In addition, there is nothing like holding a frosted beer mug that has a little weight to it. It actually makes the beer taste better to drink from a glass mug.

I have seen many bars and pubs offer the nicer variety of glass beer mugs as souvenirs that can be purchased by their patrons. This is a great opportunity to not only brand your establishment, but also make a little extra profit.

Glass beer mugs can be screen printed, pad printed, etched, or laser engraved. Screen printing and pad printing offers color prints, but aren’t quite as permanent as etching or laser engraving. Etching is a process that actually burns the imprint into the glass using an acid which leaves a frosted look. Laser engraving is the best option for premium mugs and this process is a permanent option that will not fade, wash off, or wear off. Laser engraving is typically a bit more expensive than the other options, but the personalization will outlast the mug itself.

Beer mugs are great promotional items to use in your everyday business if you run a bar, pub, or brewery. It is important to use every opportunity you can to build your brand, and branded mugs are an easy way to do this. So, bottoms up, and see you soon at a local bar serving up your favorite micro brews.

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