Give Away Promotional Products That Suck

I could put together a really long list of products that suck so bad that I would never recommend or sell them. However, there are some products that suck that can be great. Promotional vacuum cleaners can be given away as promotional products and are great for vacuum centers, car detailers, or computer repair shops. These products suck up the dirt and dust but they don’t suck.

USB Keyboard VacuumThink about how nasty your keyboard gets. I’m not even talking about germs from your hands. I’m talking about dust. It is constantly collecting dust and it’s very hard to clean the dust out. Sure, you can use a can of compressed air and blow the dust off; however, that just irritates your allergies and pushes the dust down inside the keyboard. A USB powered mini vacuum would be a great little giveaway to top clients of a computer repair company. This item would be very useful and, therefore, be kept for years.

Car VacuumThose businesses who detail cars have clients who spend a lot of money every month or sometimes even every week having their cars detailed. A little DC powered car vacuum could be a great thank you gift for those clients to help with those accidents in between cleanings. These items have a very high perceived value and they will be used for years and years, which will continually promote your business. These useful gifts also help promote a positive memory about your company.

So sometimes a product that sucks can be a good thing. Perfect Imprints is your one supply for products that don’t suck and promotional vacuums, which by chance do suck!

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