Custom BBQ Set

Make Your Door Prizes Work For You

Chances are, if you take part in your local Chamber of Commerce, there are door prizes given away at some of their hosted events. These door prizes are donations by Chamber members and in turn, their company gets recognition. Typically there is a minimum value set for most door prizes such as $25 or even $40 or $50.

Perfect Imprints is active within the Fort Walton Beach Chamber of Commerce and door prizes are a big part of many events such as the monthly First Friday Coffee. Often, there are as many as 30-40 door prizes given away. Most of the giveaways are great gifts. Some are gift cards to restaurants or local stores and others are gift baskets. Over the last few years, I have given out quite a few door prizes; however, I always made sure I got a little extra recognition for my prizes. After all, giving away door prizes is a form of marketing and it should be an investment.

Custom BBQ Set

Custom BBQ Set

Now, you can give away prizes that are simply purchased from other businesses such as gift cards, gift baskets, and various gifts and those are great prizes for the winners. However, once the announcement is made at the event mentioning the door prize is from your event, your marketing exposure is over. Besides, in doing that, you are actually marketing that business you purchased the item from more than your own. But what if you could offer premium products that are printed with your custom logo? Then for years to come, at least that recipient will be consistently reminded of your company. For example, last year, every month, I attended a Chamber sponsored event and I gave away a really nice BBQ set (which was custom printed with my business name on it). Every one knew I would be giving that away creating some excitement and all of the winners now have a nice BBQ set with my logo on it.

Now there are tons of options that you can do. You could do leather portfolios or journals, wine glass and opener sets, mp3 players, charcoal BBQ grills, wireless mouse sets, leather wine bottle totes, computer bags, blankets, premium thermos sets, duffel bags, and many other options. Now, I know most of you might only need just a few personalized items to be used as gifts and that’s okay. We can do it. That’s right! If you only need 2, we can do it. We have many options which have no minimums.

By personalizing your door prize giveaways with your company logo, you are spending the same amount of money (or often times less due to bulk discounts) and you are increasing your marketing time for this endeavor. Now the time is extended from a 30 second mention of your company, to years of exposure from your logo proudly standing out on the product. The more useful the item, the longer it will hang around and market for your company. It’s really a no-brainer decision. Spend the same amount of money; get more exposure. Period. Contact Perfect Imprints for your order of custom printed door prizes and start getting more value for your marketing dollars.

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