Idea to Commemorate Your Annual Event


Many of you have great annual events each year such as festivals, concerts, performances, ceremonies, and other exciting events. Many of your attendees are excited to attend these events and many of those same people attend year after year. Of Course, these events take money to put on and this idea is a great way to help raise some funds for this purpose. In addition to raising funds, this idea will also make a great collectible item that can change from year and year and help your attendees commemorate the event. Custom medallions work perfectly for these occasions.

Military CoinThe custom die-struck coins have a stunning visual appeal and the heavy feel of the medallions really have value for those who buy them. You can get these custom coins for around $5.00 each and easily sell them for $10.00 each and double your investment. Each year you would change the design so that people would begin a collection. This is one of those items that no one will throw away. They are too much like money and have a high perceived value. They will hang around for years and years and remind those who have them of your annual event.

The coins can come in bronze, silver, or gold. They have 2D or 3D effects and have multiple colors. The possibilities are endless. If you have ideas for the coins, we can do the design work for you. These coins are great for any annual event which draws repeat visitors each year. Start your new tradition now for your event and raise some funds to support your endeavor. Give Perfect Imprints a call to get your order of custom coins started.







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