Stinky Breath Promotional Giveaways

Promotional ToothbrushHave you ever been talking to a client and wanted to just hand them a toothbrush and some toothpaste because their breath stunk so badly? Well now you can. Promotional toothbrushes are great giveaways not only for dentists and orthodontists, but for other businesses as well. A promotional toothbrush is a great give away product for travel agents and stores selling luggage, bathroom accessories, and for doctors. Many dentists and orthodontists now have a teeth brushing station so after a patient checks in, they go get a disposable toothbrush, brush their teeth, and then wait to be called back for their appointment. What a great idea! Then they avoid the funky breath from some of their patients during the examination.

Not only are there standard toothbrushes available, but there are many options for travel toothbrushes available with your custom imprint too, which are ideal for those involved within the travel industry. Some of the travel toothbrushes are folding while others have their own storage case, and some even come with a case and some toothpaste. After all, a toothbrush alone won’t contain some of that breath; toothpaste is a must! I remember booking a vacation through a travel agent in the past and I received a little travel bag with a toothbrush, mouthwash, dental floss, toothbrush, Q-tips, and a few other travel accessories. It was a nice gift and I certainly remembered that travel agent. $5-$6 is a small gift to gift someone who books a $5000 vacation; however, it is a useful and memorable gift to receive. However, you don’t have to invest that much in your clients. If you want to just do custom printed toothbrushes or dental floss, you can spend as little as $1.00 per client for these giveaways. It’s a cheap promotional give away and one that will stick around for about 3-6 months.

One of the main complaints of dentists is the lack of flossing by their patients. Giving away dental floss with your custom imprint may help promote flossing. It’s true that some patients just don’t like to floss, but how many non-compliant patients can be attributed to just not having floss handy. I’m sure quite a few. Dental floss isn’t typically one of those staple items that you get when you go to Wal-Mart. So go ahead and promote good gum health. Below is a really cool floss design. It’s dental floss in a compact credit card sized container. Or try going with the key chain dental floss which would be great for those with braces. You could help them avoid that uncomfortable situation where that huge chunk of lettuce is stuck in their bracket.

Promotional Dental Floss Credit Card Promotional Key Chain Dental Floss Promotional Dental Floss

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