3 Must Have Marketing Items For Any Small Business

It’s no secret that it’s a tough world out there for business owners. We are the last ones to get paid and many times we have to forego our paychecks altogether to make sure our employees and suppliers are paid. We have multiple competitors who all seem to have more money than us even though we know their quality is much lower. It’s so easy to waste money on various advertising and marketing tactics that are epic fails. However, there are 3 essential items that almost all small business owners can get and see an immediate return on their investment.

  1. Car Magnets – These are a minimal investment around $60-$80 each for a decent sized, full-color car magnet which can greatly increase visibility for your business. If you have employees, ask them if they would be willing to support your business by placing car magnets on the vehicle they drive to work. Explain to them that this is just job security. Have your spouse put the magnets on his/her vehicle. These will pay for themselves over and over and one set will last for several years.
  2. Flags – It’s getting much more popular to see feather flags when driving down the road. That’s because they work! They attract attention of drivers passing by and bring attention to your store or advertised specials. When you drive through a business district, you pass hundreds or thousands of businesses. What makes you notice any individual business over another one? A full-color printed flag will generate plenty of attention. My flags have been at the roadside in front of my business now for 6 months and I have about a 1000% Return On Investment (ROI) already. What’s that ROI going to be after a full year or 2 years? I can’t wait to see. It’s now just free advertising.
  3. Business Cards – Now I don’t mean any old, cheap looking business card. I mean something unique. Maybe printing with spot UV or a die-cut card to compliment your business industry or logo. Be colorful and creative. These are individual salesmen for your company. They say a lot about your company. If you give out cheap and flimsy business cards, your image will be cheap. If you give out a creative and high quality card, that will now be your image.

Perfect Imprints has a vast knowledge of branding and marketing for your business while maintaining a friendly budget. These 3 items can immediately and drastically improve your sales. If you are a home based business, just forego the flags, but car magnets and a great business card design is a must. Give us a call and let us help you boost your sales at a minimal cost.

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