What Does A Promotional Products Consultant Do?

Often we will sell an order of pens to business in need of pens or key chains to an automotive dealer and all of sudden we become the “pen guys” or the “key chain guys.” However, we offer so much  more than just selling an item. Perhaps out of busyness and limited time, we sometimes don’t fully convey what it is that we really offer. Perfect Imprints offers not only over a million different promotional items that can be custom printed with your company logo, but also custom t-shirts and apparel, full color printing, graphic design, logo design, and web design. The services that we offer are not just that of an order taker and order fulfilment company, but as a marketing consultant. We have been in business for over 12 years and our employees are highly trained in marketing strategies and graphic design. We regularly attend education seminars and learn about the hottest new marketing trends and read trade journals. Our customers that we service are in all 50 states with several of our clients abroad. Because of our diverse customer base, we know not only local trends, but the trends happening in other areas of the country. Because of this knowledge, we can help your business get the edge on your competitors. The expertise that we offer will turn your marketing budget into an investment and not an expense. Here’s a little video we put together to show you some of the services that we offer.

If you are read to start your marketing campaign, give Perfect Imprints a call at 800-773-9472 or visit our website at http://perfectimprints.com.

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