OBCIDIO – Free Project Management Tool For Businesses

Are you looking for a project management tool to collaborate between your employees and your clients? Do you need a simple tool to mass communicate with your employees? Do need a way to file shares between multiple people? Well, now that tool is available and it’s FREE. OBCIDIO is the perfect project management tool for any business.

Here are a just a few of the features of OBCIDIO and it’s all FREE:

  1. Create projects that you can share updates to either everyone involved in the project or just to those classified as Admins on the project.
  2. Share files for specific projects and keep them all in 1 place and organized in folders.
  3. Easily keep clients informed and keep them involved with their project. This keeps them happy and their continual input keeps the project steered in the right direction and saves your time by staying on the right track.
  4. Connect with other companies and individuals and network your business.
  5. Create a company page and attract new clients.
  6. Create To Do Lists and assign them to specific people.
  7. Create Project Event Deadlines.
  8. Easily see all of your project activity in a single stream.
  9. Many, many more features. Join now for free and test them out.

Here’s an example of how we use OBCIDIO as a design studio:

If we have a client that wants graphic design for a brochure, we create a new Project on OBCIDIO, then we invite that client to the project. We can invite as many of their co-workers to the project as well. We can then post update or comments and specify whether they are visible just by the Admins on the project or visible for everyone involved in the project. We can post up the first rough draft and get comments. Then make adjustments from there, then post revisions. Everyone involved in the project stays informed in real-time and all of the project tasks and files are centralized for everyone involved in the project to access. Simple. Efficient. Free.

So what are you waiting for? This will revolutionize the way you do business. Join now and manage your projects more efficiently.

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