Select Your New Website Domain Carefully

As of March 5, 2012, there were about 138 million registered domains with about 100,000 new domains registered everyday. Having a domain name for your business is now a vital part of any business plan. Even if you don’t sell online, you need to have a web presence so your potential clients have a way to learn about your business. Be careful, though, what domain name you select. You don’t want to give the wrong image of your company. I’ll give you some funny examples of domain names gone wrong.

Here are some examples:

  1. Kids Exchange translates to – I don’t get a good initial impression on this one.
  2. Who Represents translates to – I’ll steer clear of this website too.
  3. Therapist Finder translates to – No thanks, I don’t need to find a rapist. This site main url was changed to recently. Good move on their part I think.
  4. North Lake Tahoe translates to – Well we’ve got ’em in the South, so I’m not surprised they have them in the North too.
  5. Winters Express displays as – I’ll be avoiding this site as well.
Now these are real domain names. I’m not making them up. I can not speak negatively about any of these businesses or organizations, but I can say that they probably did not really look a the domain name carefully before selecting it. If you do have a business name that could be misinterpreted like the examples above, it is wise to buy the domain for brand protection, but also buy another domain which will serve as your main domain. The other potentially misinterpreted domain can just forward to your main domain.
When you buy your domain name, look it over carefully. Then get feedback from friends and family. This is a major part of your company or organization image. Websites are critical and absolutely necessary for maximal success.


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