Custom Printed Clipboard

Can I Borrow Someone’s Back?

The other day I had to go by the water and sewer department to fill out an application to have my payments auto drafted from my account. When I arrived, they gave me a form and a pen and told me to come back to the window with the completed form. So I start looking around the waiting area for a hard surface to write on and there’s nothing. Not a desk, not a table, not even someone’s back. This is a prime example of someone who needs custom clipboards. Clipboards can be personalized with your custom imprint on the front of the board, the back of the board, and even on the clip for some styles. Some of our clipboards can be printed with a vibrant full color imprint. You can can even get customized clipboards with a dry erase finish so you can write directly on the board with a dry erase marker. There are many uses for personalized clipboards, especially for waiting rooms with no hard surfaces to write on. So if you require customers to fill out forms, please give them a clipboard to do so. Below are a few of our most common clipboards that can be printed with your logo.

Custom Printed Clipboard

Custom Clipboard  Custom Memo Sized Clipboards



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