Mini Footballs At Super Bowl XLVI

Mini Footballs

Mini Footballs

Well, once again, the Super Bowl has come and gone. The long anticipation of the 2011-2012 season led us to the World Champion New Giants. Congratulations to Eli and Company for the exciting win in the 4th quarter.

This doesn’t, however, mean that all football stops. Indeed not. Now kids of all ages, including those “older kids” of 30 or 40 or even 50 years old, are now

throwing footballs with their fathers, their brothers, their friends, and their sons. Mini Footballs that were caught or bought at the spirit items booster clubs from previous football games are now being tossed all around the house breaking lamps and getting kids in trouble. Football excitement is higher than ever. It will eventually dwindle down only to pick up steam again toward the beginning of August when high school football season begins. Then the excitement will ramp up even further when College football starts. Will it be yet another SEC National Champion next season? I hope so.

So all of you kids (a.k.a. Dads), if you break a lamp throwing footballs around the house after your wife has already fussed at you, just blame it on your son. So now we just have to wait another year for the next Super Bowl. Congratulations again to the Giants as well as the Giants fans (of whom I’m sure many are still hung over from the celebration last night).

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