Full Color Yard Signs

Elections – It’s All About Name Recognition

Full Color Yard Signs

Full Color Yard Signs

Well, as the GOP Primary Debates go on, we get closer and closer to that big November election. Not only will there be the presidential election, but many other political positions tag along on this ballot. I talk to a lot of people in my daily course of business activities. This include business owners that I meet at the Chamber of Commerce, clients, friends, and church members. I don’t talk politics a lot, but when the topic is steered that way, I will engage. I have noticed that a large amount of the people voting don’t really know a whole lot about any of the candidates. In many instances, it comes down to name recognition. If you are running for a political office, how many people will recognize your name on the ballot over the competition? It’s a sad truth, but I believe it to be true.

Vanderbilt University actually did a study about Campaign Signs and used the fictitious name, Ben Griffin, as a candidate. This name was printed on a few political signs and placed in the yard of a few homes that were near a local elementary school. They had determined that about half of all school traffic would pass by these signs with the fictitious candidate. Three days after the signs were posted, a survey was conducted with the parents at the elementary school in which they were asked to select their top 3 choices for the county’s council seats. Five of the choices were real candidates and 2 were fictitious. The 2nd fictitious candidate was not advertised in any way and used as a control group. Approximately 24% of survey respondents selected Ben Griffin in their top 3 choices, while only 14% selected the non-advertised candidate. This 10% difference is huge when it comes to elections, particularly those with more than two candidates.

So imagine the effectiveness of political yard signs if you saturated your zone with signs with your name on them? For a bigger impact, think about using FULL COLOR Yard Signs and stand out from the competition. Bumper stickers are another really inexpensive way to have your name shown all over town. Don’t forget about using vinyl banners. They are inexpensive and make a big impact. It’s all about name recognition for many people, so make sure you get your name out there.

Give Perfect Imprints a call at 1-800-773-9472 for all of your political campaign items. We are experts in marketing and we can certainly market your name and help you to be elected or re-elected.

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